Web, Desktop and Mobile Developer.

Hey there, my name is Rafael Ferreira, I'm 27, I work with products development for 5 years, always thinking in team, working hard and giving my best. Currently I'm available to work with international teams, in person or remote.

Front-end Skills

Basic: HTML5, CSS3, JS, jQuery, ES6.
Frameworks: AngularJS, Angular 2+, Typescript, React.
Others: Yeoman, Grunt, Gulp, Webpack, Bower, Yarn.

Back-end Skills

Languages: C# (ASP.NET Framework 4.X and ASP.NET Core, WebApi and MVC), NodeJS (Loopback.io), Java (Spring Boot).
Databases: MySQL, Oracle, MSSql Server and MongoDB (NoSQL).

Mobile Skills

Frameworks: Ionic Framework 3+, Framework 7, Phonegap.
Databases: LocalStorage and SQLite.

Design Skills

Images: Adobe Photoshop and Gimp.
Vector: Adobe Illustrator.


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Veiculos PB

Classifieds mobile app to sell used cars, builded using Ionic Framework(Angular 5), ASP.NET Core Webapi to make the services and MySQL.

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LinuxUSB - E-commerce Layout

Development of a simple ecommerce layout and logo using 960 grid system grid to make the layout with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to make the logo.

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Angular Custom Checkbox

It's a very simple library to create custom checkboxes with Angular 2+ projects.

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Cadastro de Clientes Simples(Customer Registration) - 2017

The APP was developed with Ionic Framework, Angular, Typescript, SASS and LocalStorage. It is a customer base APP to Android that can add photos through Cordova.

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Dólar Hoje(Dollar Today) - 2016

This is a Chrome Extension for calculate USD value in BRL currency. Is was made with AngularJS and Bower to manage components.

More Details
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Angular 5 Boilerplate with Bootstrap 4, SASS and Font-Awesome - 2017

Boilerplate developed using Angular 5, SASS as pre-processor, Font-awesome to icons and Bootstrap 4 as front-end component library. He has an form with validation as example and an table with ordening and input to search into table columns.

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Gulp, Vue.js and Stylus - 2017

Boilerplate developed using Gulp.js to automate tasks, Styles as pre-processor, Vue.js to developer the components web reactives and Bootstrap 4 as front-end component library.

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Primeiros Socorros(First Aid) - 2016

It is a Android APP for first aid in PT-BR language with more than 1.000 downloads.

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Police Department - Wanted Application - 2013

Wanted application for Police department - Paraiba - Brazil.